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Stay Tuned for Announcements on our Multi-Class Birthday & Reunion Celebration in 2025!



Celebrating FEBRUARY Birthdays
Sending a Birthday Shout-Out to everyone celebrating their birthday this month!! May your "Special Day" be surrounded with loved ones and may your year be filled with happiness and joy! Have a very Happy, Healthy, and Blessed Birthday and many, many, more!!


Gwen Medeiros-Bjerke
Marie Wilson (Perez)
Mary Lambert (Whitesell)
Marta Kamalii (Hawley)
Sam Valdes
David Murauskas
Terry Stewart (Varner)
Carmella Durbin (Tamayo)
Jneva Andrews-Nakama
Janellen Becker-Stuth
Thom Bryant
Steve Clendenin
Steve Hill
Rhonda Kie (Clark)
Glenda Lewis (Williams)
Michele McClung-Robarge
Shaula Parker (McDaniel)
Anne Stewart

Beverly McAdams (DeLoach)
Teriann Kimbrell Selby
Richard Valdez
Jo Beth Soper Elliott
Debi Turner
Margo Hanawahine (Ader)
Meg Pilago (Dias)
Jim Webb

Happy Heavenly Birthday:
John Frank Sabor
Paul King
Lyrita Gochenouer (Kimbrell)
Michael Lospoc
Lani Ho

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