Celebrating our October Babies!!
Wishing each and everyone a very Happy and Blessed Birthday and many, many, more!! See you all at 'Da Beeg One in 2020!!🎂🍾🎈🎉🎁🌺
Class of 1970:
Kathy Braun (Turnbull)
Duane Austria
Marta Seger (Johnson)
Julie Francis (Laybourn)
Camille Chun (Rodriguez)
David Easson
Richard Fishback
Thomas Hoke
Ruh Markey (Rohrs)
Charmaine Padeken (Peters)
Patrick Jay
Carol Pierce (Burton)

Other Classmates:
Larry Pierce - Class of ‘69
Carol Haren (Rodrigues) – Class of ‘71
Dave Scotland– Class of ‘71
Julian McCracken – Class of ‘73
Happy Heavenly Birthday!!
Landra Thomas( Jones)
Kenny Esperas

To those that I have missed, please accept my apology.



Upcoming Event

2020 - 50th Reunion "Da Beeg One!"
  • Location:  Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Venue:  TBD
  • Dates:  SEPTEMBER or OCTOBER 2020

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