We are continuing to solicit donations so that we can keep event prices low, maximize attendance, and hedge against unexpected costs.  If there are excess funds left over after the event, they will go to one or more of the following: the RHS Class of 1970 fund and/or the Admiral Arthur W. Radford High School Foundation Fund.  Please kokua if you are able.  (And THANK YOU to the many generous classmates who have already pitched in!)  While any amount is welcome, donations in the below range will receive special acknowledgement by name or, if preferred, anonymously, in the Banquet program:
            Velasco Circle:                                    $50+
            “I Will Remember You” Circle:       $35-49
            Senior Patio Circle:                           $20-34
            Red, White, and Black Circle:         $10–19
Alternatively, donors may wish to make a “named” contribution of $25 in honor of a particular teacher or classmate and include a tribute message.  These sentiments will be placed in the Banquet program.
Donors contributing $200+ will be entered into a drawing for a beautiful origami swan (sample image attached).
Origami Swan.JPG 
To make a Donation, click here: https://www.payit2.com/p/radford-class-of-70-reunion-pay
You may also send your donation via personal check. If so, please send an email to  1970.radford.hi@gmail.com to request for the mailing address.

Please make your check out in the proper amount to Radford HS Class of 1970.

Upon receipt, we will send a confirmation email to notify you that your check has been received. If we do not have an email address, confirmation will be your paid check on your bank statement.


Thank you to the following classmates who've donated:
Tanya (Robertson) Terry – Class of 1970
Diane (Lavoie) Espinosa – Class of 1970
Francine (Decasa) Egdamin – Class of 1970
Mary Lou Holmes Hardisty – Class of 1972
Mark Barnett – Class of 1970
Keithie Sue Rebello – Class of 1970
Marie (Perez) Wilson – Class of 1970
Leroy Simms – Class of 1970
Randy Hurd – Class of 1970
Don Kellam – Class of 1970
Jim Murray – Class of 1970
Darnell (Chung) Cole – Class of 1970
James Crowder – Class of 1970
Terry (Varner) Stewart – Class of 1970
Bruce Wolbrette – Class of 1970
Michael Gradle – Class of  1969
Mark Borreliz – Class of 1970
Tim Castle – Class of 1970
Dina (Cambe) Smith – Class of 1970
Gary Lechner – Class of 1970
Tracey Willis and Bob Campbell – Class of 1970
Curt Seebaldt – Class of 1969
Frank Wheat – Class of 1970
Gary Rohmann 
– Class of 1970
Stanford Tokioka – Class of 1971
Runi Tafeaga – Class of 1970
Elizabeth (Hanakahi) Wallace – Class of 1970
Jo Beth (Soper) Elliott – Class of 1971
Marjorie (Cordeiro) Lodl – Class of 1967
Alexa June (Keith) Landsheft 
– Class of 1970
Debbie (Lechner) Rockelmann – Class of 1971
Tanya (Allen) Froeber – Class of 1971
George Fleming – Class of 1970
John Catledge
– Class of 1970
Robert Reagan – Class of 1970
Kathy (Talbott) Smith – Class of 1970
Ann (Crowley) Lewis – Class of 1970
Debbie (Hadley) Evans – Class of 1970
Dunstan Canne – Class of 1970
Marta (Johnson) Seger – Class of 1970
Carol (Rodrigues) Haren – Class of 1971
Krista (Welch) Turner– Class of 1970
Donna (Hedges) Albright– Class of 1970
Dianne (Whalen) Ruthazer – Class of 1970
Patsy (Ingle) Joiner
– Class of 1970
Denise (Ingle) Stringert – Class of 1971
Deborah (Keith) Castillo – Class of 1971
Barbara Thomas – Class of 1970
Chris (Clothier) Ehlers – Class of 1970
Marta (Hawley) Kamalii – Class of 1970
Chris Jones - Class of 1970